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Born and raised in Illinois, I moved to the ocean during a major life transition, leaving behind the familiar: family, forest, and soil. This essay incorporates reflection, photographs, and haiku to represent sixteen months of journeying to the ocean sunrise everyday. The daily practice yielded unexpected insights, moments of deep healing, and growth. The biggest lesson for me was that no matter how thick the clouds and how strong my doubt, the sun will still rise. By witnessing the phenomenon of the sun rising everyday, I have been able to rise up through layers of self-doubt and grief, and begin moving into a place of sustained affirmation and trust.

Author Biography

Diana Tigerlily, Ph.D., is a Professor of Practice in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale where she has taught since 2003. Last year, she was the recipient of the University Teaching Excellence Award, earning the title Distinguished Teacher. She teaches feminism, storytelling, yoga, and meditation, and is a dedicated student of life. Trained in embodied performance methodologies, she practices staying present, writing from the heart, and trusting the process. Contact: diana.tigerlily@gmail.com | www.blueheronholistics.com



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