Help for OpenSIUC

How to find papers and other content

Material can be searched using the search box from the front page, or with the Advanced Search function. An Advanced Search allows you to search by a number of ways, including fulltext, keywords, author's name, title, date, and the abstract (if available). The Advanced Search also allows you to search for phrases, use Boolean operators (and, or, not), and change the output format of your results.

Material in OpenSIUC also can be browsed three ways:

  1. By the community - usually a department, institute or center
  2. By the individual author's last name
How to cite materials from OpenSIUC

The cover page of the item should indicate if it is published elsewhere. If the item is published elsewhere, it is preferable to locate and cite the original publication source. If no publication information is provided on the cover page, follow the citation guidelines for online content from the standard you are using.

How to create and use an account

Anyone can browse, search and view the content in OpenSIUC regardless of whether you have an account. An account allows you to receive personalized notifications and other email announcements. Accounts are free and are available to everyone.

To create an account, select My Account from the top of the page, and then select the "New User" link. You will need to provide your name and an email address.

To log in to your account, select My Account from the top of the page and then enter your email address and password. If you forget your password, you can enter your e-mail address without a password, and the system will send you your password immediately by e-mail. If you want to change your password, go to the "My Account" page and choose the "Edit Profile" option.

How to create a personal alert

Run a search either from the Home page or by going into the Advanced Search. Within the search results screen, click on the Notify Me button. You can then choose a description for the search, and choose how often you want to be notified of new documents that match your search (daily, weekly or monthly). Click on the Save This Search button. An account is necessary for personal alerts, so OpenSIUC can store your email address.

Using materials from OpenSIUC

You are welcome to link to or share links to OpenSIUC materials with others. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials in the OpenSIUC are protected by copyright. In general, you have the right to download and print a personal copy of materials in OpenSIUC. Unless otherwise indicated, you do not have the right to make additional copies, post, or distribute any of the materials, unless the use meets a reasonable determination of fair use or other legal exceptions. Uses of repository content exceeding these exceptions require permission from the copyright holder, typically the author(s) of the item.

How to submit a document to OpenSIUC

See the Author Guidelines page.

How to establish a community or individual presence in the repository

Contact a member of .

For more information

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