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Absract: Written in layers, this creative essay invites the reader to consider the relationship between one’s own becoming and emergent practices in the teaching and making of art. Weaving between a discussion on the theoretical concept of becoming and emergence, along with a personal narrative presented with images, the author tries to demonstrate what emergence might feel like in the body while creating alongside-and-with her own child. From points of disruption to points of harmonizing with material and material bodies, this essay examines emergence through the lens of an embodied relationality and offers up potential ways to experience such practices.

Author Biography

Kate Wurtzel is an Assistant Professor of Art Education at Appalachian State University. Her work, often grounded in the writing of Deleuze and Guattari, explores the practices of art making and its relation to pedagogy as an emergent and embodied experience. As someone who spent many years as a museum educator and public-school art teacher, Kate’s approach to teaching takes the whole being into account. Through an emphasis on continued art practice, pedagogical explorations, and constant reflection, she seeks to encourage and support pre-service teachers as they travel through the process of becoming art educators. Contact: wurtzelkl@appstate.edu | katewurtzelarteducation.squarespace.com



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