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Skyward illustrates the embodiment of creation-centred research (St. Georges, 2018; 2019; 2022b/c; 2023; St. Georges & Bickel, 2022), which relies on creative-experiential-engagement and interaction. Creation-centred research is uniquely rooted in métissage (Hasebe-Ludt et al, 2009), poetic inquiry (Fidyk & St. Georges, 2022; inpress) and storying (Archibald, 2009; 2019), and leans into arts-based practices (Leavy 2015; 2018; Sinner et al., 2018). The term “creation-centred” reflects the ontological and cyclical nature of artistic practices and supports its creative intention and integrity. Situated in an aesthetic and creation-centred paradigm, it resists privileged discourse while generating and weaving threads of our stories through the mystery that unfolds within moments of creative insight, somatic knowledge, intuition, memory, dreams, visions, and ancestral connections.

Skyward is in-process. It is a creation story in the making that is emerging through an assemblage of memories, experiences, dreams, and visions, gaps, and silences, what is lost and found. It is a story of living and surviving, of evolving with, though, and as a result of trauma. It is creation-centred métissage that weaves my experiences, my sense of un)belonging and dis)connection, my longing and wonderment, my dreams and my visions of existing in a relational pluriverse.

By symbolically manifesting complexity of being, in being, multi-texturally, creation-centred research offers a way for researchers and those that encounter an aesthetic creation like Skyward, to reclaim and recognize the centrality of agency in transforming the personal, and political, by reclaiming and performing our unique stories, our intra-connected subjectivity—to remember our Self into the world.

Author Biography

Darlene St Georges is Assistant Professor of Art Education at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. As a creation-centred artist|scholar much of her scholarship demonstrates her rootedness in emergent and generative knowledge and knowing that honours the inward and creative spirit of being. Her practice-based and theoretical research invites innovation in learning and an unfolding metamorphosis of scholarship in provocative, creative, and intellectual ways. Contact: darlene.stgeorges@uleth.ca | www.darlenestgeorges.com



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