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Editing My Own Drum


The author examines her art and poetry practice exploring how the "Badlands" of Alberta, Canada in particular Áísínai'pi (Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park), are "the bones of the earth". She looks at the visual and linguistic poetry within them and examines her wording to decolonize her practice and learning/unlearning from the land and the cultures; Blackfoot and Settler, and peoples that inhabit it. She highlights how her process of editing a specific poem “My Own Drum” prompted and echoes an examination of her practice that leads to the writing of a new poem written during this process, revealing some of her findings. The original, edited and new poems show her process and struggles with fear, knowledge, skill, experience, art, poetry, nature and decolonization as a descendant of white settlers on Treaty 7 land. This is her first attempt to de-colonize her practice and she hopes that sharing her journey will inspire others to do so as well.

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