Artizein: Arts and Teaching Journal


Three collaborators share their experiences and reflections on The European Graduate School’s (EGS) first Alumni Event. Graduates were invited to present the cutting-edge research in expressive arts and critical theory that they developed since their M.A. and Ph.D. programs. Details are provided of the art-making processes they used to recall the memory of the Alumni Event as well as how they harvested its significance months later. The collaborators’ topic was “decentering the self,’’ specifically how to decenter the self in community through expressive arts practices, such as co-journaling, deep listening, and photography. During the Alumni event these practices were intended to orient each to another’s inner landscapes. After the event and during the longer process of harvesting, these collaborators used the same methods to explore how to decenter and hybridize the self without losing their individual core. Bracha Ettinger’s notion of matrixial borderspaces was used theoretically and experientially throughout to recall the self ’s interwoven and relational origins in the womb to bring the collaboration to its tentative fruition.



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