Artizein: Arts and Teaching Journal


In this mixed media métissage, we offer an exploration of artful and contemplative inquiry and response. We are a group of seven artist-researchers who engage with contemplative practices associated with various spiritual traditions, including spiritual feminist, Wiccan, Mi’kmaw, and Tibetan Buddhist, integral to all of which are beliefs about human interconnectedness with the energies of all sentient beings, the Earth, and beings in the spirit worlds. As artist-researchers, we engage with a range of arts disciplines including poetry, creative non-fiction, storytelling, sounding, visual art, filmmaking, and photography. Together, we invite the reader/listener/viewer--as co-creator—into the potentialities of our métissage: the narratives, poems, photographs, visual art, film, and sounding (audio) files—as well as into the spaces between and beyond.

Streaming Media

Hurtling Through Space_Robyn Traill

Metissage sounding_1_Bickel, Bartley, McConachy.mp3 (11925 kB)
Mettisage Sounding 1 - Bartley, Bickel, McConachy

Metissage sounding_2_Bickel, Bartley, McConachy.mp3 (12983 kB)
Mettisage Sounding 2 - Bartley, Bickel, McConachy

Metissage Performance Sounding.wav (60404 kB)
Mettisage Performance - Bartley, Bickel, McConachy



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