Artizein: Arts and Teaching Journal


During the 2018-2019 academic year, we collaborated to facilitate a workshop for students in an Art Education course, using archival material from the Eberly Family Special Collections Library at Penn State. The course centered on diversity, pedagogy, and visual culture. Using our respective expertise in Art Education and primary source literacy, we chose the design and scope of the two-day workshop and subsequent assignment as a reflection for our passion for feminist theorizing and reimagining the academic White patriarchal canon in a predominantly White institution. As critical, feminist pedagogues, and in an effort to match the course theme, we chose to focus the workshop on critical analysis of primary sources that contain visual depictions and documentation of culturally diverse experiences, many of which were not positive experiences. In lesson planning, we focused on planning student interactions with the library archival materials as a way to critically reflect on historical visual culture and narratives of lived experiences. What we could not have predicted is the way that student reactions would urge us to evaluate and reflect on the emotional impact of our pedagogy on students.



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