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Learning to be an educational storyteller entails using every creative skill I learned since my childhood and has allowed me to connect with others especially those in pain. This paper is a reflection of my emotional past. My tears are coming from the ocean and rivers in my liminal space. In this space, I contemplate my hopeful future and seek its contemplative challenges to discover what I still do not know and could learn as an educator. My sincere contemplation to serve society shall be a poetic reflection of who I am becoming each step of my life. Creative writing is the truthful voice of my soul. I, a contemporary artist, avoid making art unless my heart screams its pain and allows these stories to take flight. Memories of pain are seeded throughout my liminal space where water overflows and swallows them occasionally. The beauty of ambiguity is inside grey pavements and reflects the multi layers, which are subtle and bold at the same time. I shall become free with my sense of belonging that is connecting to my soul and history.

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