Artizein: Arts and Teaching Journal


The introduction to Part Two of this special issue attends to arts-based and contemplative practices in inquiry and teaching. Co-editing this two-part special issue has been a gift of co-labour that we have been transformed by. For as Lewis Hyde wrote so beautifully in 1979, “it is when art acts as an agent of transformation that we may correctly speak of it as a gift. A lively culture will have transformative gifts as a general feature…. And it will have artists whose creations are gifts for the transformation of the race.” (pp. 59-60). The 20 contributors to Part One and Two of this special issue (of which 9 are in the current issue) are part of a lively culture. Together with the authors and the journal layout designer Greg Wendt,we have co-created the special issue within the notion and practice of a gift economy that foregrounds love, gratitude, abundance, openness, and transformation.



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