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Four Arrows’ new book, according to his Wikipedia page, is his 22nd book. Prolific in his life work as a professor, Indigenous educator, writer, musician and activist, he describes this book as his most honest and most radical. It is radical in how it reveals the damage inflicted by what he labels the Dominant (Western) Worldview. He urges us to return to the primal healing ways of the contrasting ancient Indigenous Worldview in order to limit the largely anthropogenic 6th mass extinction on planet earth. The good news that Four Arrows highlights at the opening of the book is that whether we have lost connection to our Indigenous roots or not we all possess them. To assist this critical reconnection he traces a path back to the time of departure from the Indigenous Worldview that functioned in harmony with ecological wisdoms. Although not a book on arts education per se, its rootedness in the Indigenous Worldview, based in the language of art, songs, drumming, and words through ceremony and visioning to create new realities, is the foundational recommendation for the arts and education.



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