Artizein: Arts and Teaching Journal


This article sketches two contrasting ideal-typical narratives of sustainability, a disenchanting and an enchanting one, and argues that current thinking in sustainability is mainly situated in the narrative of disenchantment. This narrative is based on various obsolete philosophical assumptions, and hampers the transformation process, as it distances the population from being part of this. It then sketches the narrative of enchanting sustainability and shows how this has the capacity to engage, intrigue and motivate people to be involved. It is rooted in an arts-based approach of connecting aesthetics, associative thinking, reflective practice, emotion-based working, aspiration and intentionality. The article moves on beyond the two ideal-types, making a plea for a hybridization, and proposes transdisciplinary hermeneutics as a practice of realizing this hybridization. Finally it explains how arts-based education for sustainability is, in various ways, key in the transformation process towards enchanting and transdisciplinary sustainability.



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