Biological Sciences

Faculty Advisor

Yeomans, Melinda L.


Women have been healers throughout history, even dating back to ancient Egypt and Greece, but it is only recently that they have been accepted into mainstream Western medicine. This research examines women and their role in healing and healthcare from ancient Egypt and through the Middle Ages, focusing mostly on Western medicine, but also looking at Eastern traditions in medicine in the world of Islam and China. The second part of this project details the creation and execution of an event hosted by the author and her co-chair La'Mayah Hodges for Women's History Month and the research that was presented there. This research focused mainly on the victories and struggles of women in 21st century United States either in medical school or currently practicing as physicians, which opened the audience up for group discussion at the event.


I would like to thank Dr. Yeomans and La'Mayah Hodges for all of their help and encouragement during this project and my parents for all of the love and support they've given me, especially during these last four years.