Objective: This study attempted to determine if age was perceived as a barrier to employment for unemployed individuals above 40 years of age. Background: The social cognitive career theory, which posits individuals are less likely to pursue actions for which they do not expect positive results, formed the foundation of this study. Method: Job search self-efficacy was measured in 116 unemployed individuals in three states. Results: An independent samples t test was calculated to compare the mean job search self-efficacy scores of the participants above the age of 40 to the scores of the younger participants. No significant difference was found (t(114) = 1.05, p > .05). Linear regression analysis computed a regression equation that was not significant (F(1,114) = 1.47. p > .05) with a R2 of .012. Conclusions: For the participants of this study, age and job search self-efficacy were not correlated.

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Maddy, L. & Cannon, J. (2014) Perceived Barriers To Employment For Older Displaced Workers. Online Journal for Workforce Education and Development 1(1). Retrieved from http://opensiuc.lib.siu.edu/ojwed/