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Dr. Elaine Adams University of Georgia
Dr. Marcia Anderson Southern Illinois University
Dr. Sally Arnett Illinois State University
Dr. Matt Bergman University of Louisville
Dr. John Cannon University of Idaho
Dr. Khalil Dirani Texas A&M University
Dr. Karen Drage Eastern Illinois University
Dr. Dominic Fazarro University of Texas at Tyler
Dr. Joey Fleck Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Eddie Fletcher University of South Florida
Dr. Virginia Hemby Middle Tennessee State University
Dr. Claretha Hughes University of Arkansas
Dr. Yvonne Hunter-Johnson Southern Illinois University
Dr. Jeffrey Kaufman Marian University
Dr. K. Peter Kuchinke University of Illinois
Dr. Jodi McKnight University of Southern Indiana
Dr. Mark McKnight University of Southern Indiana
Dr. Kathy Mountjoy Illinois State University
Dr. Kim Nimon University of North Texas
Dr. Kevin Rose University of Louisville
Dr. Cynthia Sims Southern Illinois University
Dr. Leane Skinner Auburn University
Dr. Mark Threeton Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Catherine Twohig University of Minnesota
Dr. Cheryl Wiedmaier State of Arkansas
Dr. Diane Wright Valdosta State University