The work experiences and job histories of adults with ASD were examined to determine whether or not they corroborate findings in the literature. Incidences of ASD are on the rise, and children diagnosed with ASD will become adults who will need employment opportunities. Most employers are using a variety of technology tools to increase productivity, communicate, perform record-keeping tasks, save time and money, and conduct business. Individuals with ASD gravitate toward technology, and employment opportunities that capitalize on the use
technology may allow them to be productive in the
workplace. Semi-structured interviews using
open-ended questions reviewed and approved by
founders of a technology institute were used to gather employment data from participants. The interviews with adults with ASD were examined to explore work histories and best practices for preparing adults with ASD for jobs designing video games. Findings revealed a focus on individualized instructional delivery with game engines, organizational skill development, reward
structures, electronic record-keeping for task management and scheduling, and social integration through team building and group problem-solving.