This critical book review is an overview of the work edited by Alfred, M. V., Robinson, Petra, A., & Roumell, E.A. (Eds.) (2021), Advancing the global agenda for human rights, vulnerable populations, and environmental sustainability: Adult education as strategic partner. This review introduces each author, discusses the content, and concisely evaluates the work. Alfred, Robinson, and Roumell use a global perspective to explore how adult education influences considerations for marginalized persons with low literacy levels. Further, they write that people should focus on learning, not capital gain, but also contend that one does not have to operate at the exclusion of the other. In other words, a focus on “economic development” does not necessitate neglecting “human development” (Walker, 2010, pp. 488-489). This book under review uses inclusive language, and varying demographics of society are considered. Within a similar inclusive context, this book under review argues against “stereotypes” (p. 136) and for the rights of specific sectors of people as far as the relationship between “social justice and the environment” is concerned (p. 317). Alfred, Robinson, and Roumell's efforts to advance a global agenda through adult education are evident throughout the book.

Keywords: Globalization, adult education, human capital.