Published in Journal of Functional Analysis, 253(1), 122-157, DOI: doi:10.1016/j.jfa.2007.03.033 .


In this article we establish a substitution theorem for semilinear stochastic evolution equations (see's) depending on the initial condition as an infinite-dimensional parameter. Due to the infinitedimensionality of the initial conditions and of the stochastic dynamics, existing finite-dimensional results do not apply. The substitution theorem is proved using Malliavin calculus techniques together with new estimates on the underlying stochastic semiflow. Applications of the theorem include dynamic characterizations of solutions of stochastic partial differential equations (spde's) with anticipating initial conditions and non-ergodic stationary solutions. In particular, our result gives a new existence theorem for solutions of semilinear Stratonovich spde's with anticipating initial conditions. (481 kB)
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