David V. Koch



The Composition and Final Text of W.B. Yeats's "Crazy Jane on the King" by Richard J. Finneran / 67

Lennox Robinson on the Dublin Drama League: A Letter to Gabriel Fallon by Gary Phillips / 75

Joyce's Notes on the Gorman Biography by Willard Potts / 83

Lost in Translation: The Ending of Capek's R. U.R. by Mary Anne Fox / 101

Dr. Tom Rennie and Tender is the Night by John M. Howell / 111

The Making of a Collector: Laukhuff's of Cleveland by Philip Kaplan / 117

Contributors / 127


Yeats's corrected typescript title "Crazy Jane and the King" / 68

Lennox Robinson a.l.s. to Gabriel Fallon, 3 June [1940] / 76

Biographer Herbert Gorman with James and Nora Joyce / 84

Galley proofs of Gorman biography with Joyce-dictated revisions / 92

Mordecai Gorelik's set design for final scene of R.U.R. / 100

Capek note for Edward Marsh / 106

Capek's rendering of suppressed finale / 108

F. Scott Fitzgrald presentation inscription to Dr. Thomas Rennie / 110

Title page of first edition of Tender is the Night / 112

Richard Laukhuff's announcement for bookstore opening, 1916 / 116

Bookmark designed for Laukhuff by architect/customer William

Lescaze / 122

Hart Crane presentation inscription to Philip Kaplan / 124

Mordecai Gorelik set design for Karel Capek's R.U.R. / Cover