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Master of Music

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Mandat, Eric P.


This is an extended program note discussing a selection of compositions featuring the clarinet from the mid-1980s through the present. The first work, arioso/doubles, was composed by Benjamin Broening in 2002 for clarinet and electroacoustic sound. Folk Songs was composed by Eric P. Mandat in 1986 for solo clarinet. An Illustrated Ontogeny of The Flower Snark was composed by Carl Schimmel in 2013 for clarinet and piano. Lake Huron Sketches was composed by Grace Talaski in 2019-2020, and is a yet-to-be premiered work for solo clarinet. New York Counterpoint was composed by Steve Reich in 1985 for solo clarinet plus ten pre-recorded clarinet and bass clarinet parts to be played alongside the solo clarinet part by speakers during the live performance.