Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Mass Communication and Media Arts


Karan, Kavita


The Hispanic/Latino population, the fastest-growing minority population in the United States faces barriers to access mental health care. This study explores how nonprofit organizations focusing on mental health are using mass and social media platforms to communicate with supporters of their patients including donors and the general public. Social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn have been used as a way to connect, educate and bring awareness to health-related topics. This research paper aims to study how non-profit organizations are supporting mental issues, which is a growing problem among the ethnic groups particularly the Hispanic/Latino population and plan an integrated marketing communications campaign for La Vida Fearless Counseling, a non-profit organization based in Oklahoma. Data was collected through several methods including a review on existing literature and personal interviews with communications professionals at nonprofits. It attempts to understand the problems and suggest the best mass and social media strategies for non-profits focusing on mental health. This study acts as a tool for planning effective communication strategies for non-profits in sensitive issues like mental health, and also provides for future research and a source of practical insights for inclusivity and outreach in nonprofit organizations focusing on mental health.