Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Mechanical Engineering


Don, Jarlen


This paper reviews the research and development efforts on oxidation in CC composites. CC composites are widely used in the aerospace industry especially in airplane brakes due to its favorable properties, however carbon is particularly susceptible to oxidation at elevated temperature and thus oxidation protection in CC composite plays an important role in the advancement of CC composites to allow the replacement of a lightweight, high strength and high modulus structural materials.

A vast knowledge on properties and compositions of carbon, carbon fiber and matrices in a macro and microscopic level is needed in order to fully understand the effects of oxidation on CC composites at different temperature. Analysis techniques used to study the microstructure is briefly discussed to allow for a better understanding of the effect of oxidation. Methods that could assists the inhibition of the oxidation process in CC composites include, microstructural modifications of carbon, addition of inhibitors, application of protective layer coatings and surface treatment with aqueous mixtures.