Degree Name

Doctor of Education


Educational Administration

First Advisor

Colwell, William B


Currently, with the declining number of students enrolling in four-year radiologic science programs, it is not only worrisome for the survival of these programs, but also a challenge to supply enough graduates to help fill the hospitals’ demands for more radiologic technologists. With the increase in radiology staffing shortages, especially since COVID-19, it is important that Radiologic Science programs not only produce high quality technologists, but also maintain a high level of student enrollment. The purpose of the study is to determine similarities and differences between two-year and four-year Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT)-accredited radiologic science programs in Illinois, given the high demand for technologists in healthcare. The research methods that will be used include: document analysis and interviews with radiology administrators. For the document analysis, twenty-two associate degree programs and five bachelor degree programs accredited through JRCERT in Illinois will be reviewed. For the interview process, one radiology administrator from ten Midwest hospitals will be interviewed. From the document analysis and interviews, the researcher will provide recommendations to four-year institutions on how to increase enrollment opportunities.