Degree Name

Doctor of Education


Educational Administration

First Advisor

Colwell, William Bradley


The primary focus of this research was to determine if any link exists to pre-entry grade point average (GPA), science-based didactic dental hygiene course GPA, and graduation GPA and success on the National Board of Dental Examinations, Inc. (NBDHE).

Results were gathered through NBDHE score reports from Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s (SIUC) dental hygiene program as well as GPA and course grades from the SIUC Registrar’s office for graduates from the Class of 2012-2022. Pre-entry GPA, graduation GPA, and individual science-based didactic dental hygiene courses were evaluated by using the course grades “A, B, or C” as “pass” and “D or F” as “fail” based on the curriculum requirements of the SIUC dental hygiene program.