Opioid addiction and related deaths have reached a critical level across the United States. Often used as pain relief for multiple medical issues, opi- 5 oids are continually prescribed and solutions to the reduction of such need further exploration. As a possible reduction of opioid prescriptions, which often lead to abuse, our study seeks to determine if Medical Marijuana can be a potential means by which to reduce opioid prescriptions and use. A comparative study of select states will be conducted to determine if there are differences among groups based on medical vs recreational legislation. Our research will initially focus on: 1. Perceptions of physicians and health care administrators pertaining to MM as a substitute for Opioids, 2. Where, or if, weaknesses in provider education may, or may not, exist, 3. Barriers that prevent providers of care from using MM as a potential substitute for opioids, 4. Determining how we can enhance SIU’s impact on the community’s health and wellness