PowerPoint slides from a technical presentation at the Illinois College Automotive Instructors Association Spring 2019 conference.


Our research project will increase the sustainability of the University by re-purposing a waste product, used motor oil, into a usable commodity, diesel fuel. SIUC generates thousands of gallons of used motor oil each year, with each gallon incurring a disposal cost. We will now be able to reconstruct this waste into a usable fuel for our vehicles, saving the University a substantial amount of both disposal fees and fuel costs. Students will be involved with the collection, processing, and testing phases of this project. Through the Green Fund program, we can now capitalize on this unique opportunity to promote responsible and sustainable waste energy recovery to our students. We expect this project to self-sustain and continue to create financial, environmental, and social benefits for years to come.

WMO_Presentation_Spring_2019_ICAIA.pptx (35421 kB)