© by the American Fisheries Society 1997
Published in North American Journal of Fisheries Management, Vol. 17, Issue 1 (February 1997) at doi: 10.1577/1548-8675(1997)017<0220:FONHBS>2.3.CO;2


External morphological characteristics and protein electrophoresis at two diagnostic loci were used to determine the proportion of 704 Stizostedion samples collected from the Peoria Pool of the Illinois River during March 1995 that were saugers S. canadense, walleyes S. vitreum, or their hybrids. Morphological analyses indicated that 616 (87.5%) fish were saugers, 58 (8.2%) were walleyes, and 30 (4.3%) were hybrids; electrophoretic analyses indicated that 625 (88.8%) fish were saugers, 50 (7.1%) were walleyes, and 29 (4.1%) were hybrids. Clear discrepancies between the morphological and electrophoretic analyses affected at least 43 (6.1%) fish. Only 2% of saugers were hybrids, but at least 14% of walleyes possessed sauger alleles. Polymorphism at the PGM-1* locus in Peoria Pool saugers was also identified. We recommend electrophoretic screening for hybrids if saugers or walleyes are collected for use as broodstock from waters where they co-occur.