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Faculty Advisor

Weinert, Julie


For this literature review, I will be reviewing the impacts that feral populations have on sustainable development, specifically in urban environments, and doing an intensive analysis of the economic, social, and most significant, environmental impacts that feral cats have on the respective urban environment. Following this, I will then be reviewing the different management strategies that currently are in place for managing feral cat populations, specifically lethal methods of feral cat management, and then analyzing a non-lethal feral cat management program known as “TNR”, which stands for Trap-Neuter-Return, and seeing which methodology is the best suited for managing urban feral cats, and debating the pros and cons between lethal and non-lethal methods. Finally, I will then demonstrate what my overall opinion on the subject matter is based on the data that I have gathered, and what actions I believe should be implemented in regards to management plans and possible future research endeavors.