Biological Sciences

Faculty Advisor

Yeomans, Melinda


Global citizens dive into the culture of a country and adopt new ideology, customs, and traditions, while maintaining their own cultural identity. This paper explores how a nonprofit organization has the ability to provide the necessary resources for a volunteer to expand upon their global citizenry. Nonprofits were created for economic, historical, and professional reasons, then are divided into categories depending upon the goal of the organization. Volunteers choose to serve at nonprofits for social, personal, and professional reasons, but will all make an impact on the people they are serving, despite the reason. By volunteering with a transnational nonprofit organization, a volunteer has the ability to gain new knowledge regarding the country he or she is serving, and become a stronger global citizen. Furthermore, my own personal experience with For Kids’ Sake was reviewed and how I learned about the culture of Bangladesh over three years. To conclude, transnational nonprofits should make it a priority for volunteers to be familiar with the country and who they are serving, to not only make an impact on those in need, but of the volunteers themselves.