Date of Award



Civil Engineering

Faculty Advisor

Eichfeld, William


This paper analyzes the process, challenges and results of the design of the superstructure of a pedestrian bridge in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, as part of the extension of the existing Riverwalk trail along the Mississippi River. The project was assigned to three groups of students in the Senior Design B class of Fall 2014.

The original project consisted of an approximately 1700 ft pedestrian/bicycle trail along the river, a bridge over Aquamsi street and the railroad track and designing bicycle paths along the Fountain street and Morgan Oak street to connect to the existing trail (Figure 1.) Two groups consisted of six students, and our group was the only group with five students.

I was in charge of the design of the bridge superstructure. We were provided with a geotechnical report making recommendations for design, as well as some maps locating the project site. Additionally, we could consult with the faculty members of the department, members of the professional advisory board, and other professionals and experts in the field with the permission of our supervisor, Professor Eichfeld. This paper will be a depiction of the process of the design of the superstructure, the challenges I faced as a senior civil engineering student and my solutions to them, suggestions to provide a better learning experience to future students of the senior design class, and the final product of the project.