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Faculty Advisor

Yasuko Taoka


This project seeks to examine the idea of healthcare within the New Testament of the Bible. A word study of the most prevalent Greek word for healing in the New Testament, therapueo, was done to illuminate the meanings behind these scriptural examples of healing. Five passages that included verses surrounding occurrences of therapeuo were selected to be translated. Four of these passages were from the book of Luke and the fifth was from Acts. The report consists of two parts. The first will discuss the word study conducted on therapeuo exclusively, and the second will expand on some of the portions of the translated passages that stood out regarding healing. The definition and use of therapeuo was found to be a very broad term for healing of many different types, according to the word study. Many other phrases and language used stood out in the translations and these were further examined in the second part of the report. It was concluded that the word study of therapeuo was thorough, but other types of healing, and other words for healing, should be studied in order to gain a more complete depiction of healing in the New Testament.