Date of Award



Biological Sciences Education/Physiology

Faculty Advisor

Brunner, Edward J.


Caitlin Moliske1 and Brittney Meador2

Department of Physiology, College of Science1

Biological Sciences Education, College of Education and Human Services1

The Investigation of Adaptation: A Creative Perception of Collegiate Behavioral Responses

As a collaborative team, we created a short graphic novel in the Italian style “fumetti.” This style of comic design uses actual photography instead of hand drawn or computer generated images. Despite that we are both students in the sciences, we decided to collaborate on a creative project. Our intent was to develop something unique that could showcase our abilities and interests outside of the traditional route of research, while still presenting a work with sustenance and meaning.

This creative work focused on our experiences as college students and lessons we learned. Our project utilized techniques from published authors, while incorporating unique stylistic aspects of our own. We discussed various issues that are common among college students. Perhaps more importantly, we also brought light to situations that are not typical to the average student.

To create this work, we outlined a rough draft into four sections, each corresponding to each year in college. Each division contained a few stories. All photographs were edited using Photoshop and a variety of online photo editing sites. InDesign was used to create the layout of each page and all text was inserted by hand to give it a more personal edge.

Our thesis was not to simply recount all of our experiences, but look deeply into them; illustrating social stigmas, underlying influences and their effect on our choices. We felt that we offered another dimension to our piece that is important to society and relevant to future generations of college students.

Project Mentor: Dr. Edward Brunner, Department of English