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Faculty Advisor

Alexander, Thomas


A synoptic piece which addresses the life of Aristotle and analyzes the development of his philosophical thought, Discovering Aristotle: An Examination of his Life and the Development of his Immutable Brilliance reviews multiple facets of this thinker's being, ranging from his genealogy to his pedagogical and theoretical contributions, and serves as a standard of measurement through which his vast works may be studied, thus granting his "exoteric" or early works with a certain preponderance in the text itself. Additionally, a respectable number of appendices, which are extremely relevant to Aristotle's world, are also included in the work; these provide the reader with a slew of useful supplementary material to aid him or her in their attempt to elucidate his reality as he knew it in a manner which may provide contemporary scholars with further insight into the psyche of one of humanity's most brilliant minds.


Thanks are necessary to Dr. Thomas Alexander for monitoring this research project from its young beginnings to its finished product. Additionally, Dr. Robert Hahn, to whom the fundamental inception of this work is owed, must also be recognized with the utmost deference.