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Accounting and Marketing

Faculty Advisor

Therrell, Matthew


Over the past few years revolving green loan funds have been implemented at about fifty schools all across the country to help fund sustainability projects on their campus. These green revolving funds are used to invest in sustainability projects that lower operating expenses, for example, energy bills. The savings that these projects produce then get sent back to the fund and are reinvested in additional projects. These loan funds have been incredibly helpful in furthering the sustainability goals of colleges, while also helping to save the universities money. My research included looking into how other universities are implementing these revolving loan funds, with a focus on universities in our peer group, to determine how Southern Illinois University can best implement one of these funds on our campus. I also spoke to stakeholders on campus to find out their ideas or opinions on the fund. Finally, I looked at examples of projects other universities have funded to gain insight on the best kinds of projects to fund in the future at SIU, once the loan fund is implemented. The goal of my research is to educate others on campus green loan funds and sustainability projects and to do everything possible to get a loan fund implemented on our campus.