"We Teach and Study and Raise All the Hell We Can"

John Gardner
Herbert L. Fink

This article by English Professor John Gardner described the uniqueness of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, specifically its educational, economic, and sociocultural influence in and beyond rural southern Illinois. He warns the university against abandoning its free-wheeling, experimental, and imaginative spirit that allowed it to innovate and thrive. Artist and Professor Herbert L. Fink of SIUC's School of Art provided the illustrations.

Gardner specialized in medieval literature and taught at SIUC from 1965-1976. He authored Grendel (1971) and The Sunlight Dialogues (1972). Fink taught at SIUC from 1961-1987 and was the first recipient of the Distinguished Professor of Art award from Southern Illinois University.

This article originally appeared in Change: the Magazine of Higher Learning 5, no. 5 (June 1973): 42-48.