Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Mogharreban, Namdar


This paper describes an innovative approach to implement functionalities for an Intelligent Learning Environment, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) on existing Learning Variable Management System (LVMS). A Learning Object (LO) consists of several related sequential Learning Variables (LV). The creation of LO is the goal. Based on that goal LVs need to be selected. The proposed model will concentrate on the selection and management process of LVs to create a complete LO. The management process will include receiving the LVs, storing process, repository management, and finally preparing the LVs for the selection process. The selection process includes Web Services (WS), which are utilized to provide LVs. To get a selected LV, the system first selects a WS which then selects the LV. An Integrated Ranking procedure is executed to rank those LVs. Different agents will work on different sections of the system. Finally the LO creation agent (Styler) will create the Learning Object. In this paper we abbreviated the LVMS to Learning System (LS). This paper has been divided into four chapters. The learning variable/object basics and the proposed system have been described in part one. Chapter two reviews web crawling systems and their effect on the proposed system. The rule-based WS and the integrated ranking algorithm are discussed in chapter three and four respectively.




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