Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science



First Advisor

Migone, Aldo


Single-walled dahlia-like carbon nanohorns treated with H2O2 for 3hrs at 150 ℃ were used as sorbent in a study of CO2 adsorption. This treatment ensures that the nanohorns are open and they have their interior space available for adsorption. Volumetric adsorption measurements on open spherical aggregates of dahlia-like single walled carbon nanohorns were performed at seven different temperatures between 158.66 K and 208.68 K. The waiting time for reaching the equilibrium pressure after adding a dose increased with sorbent loading. Unlike Ne and CF4 adsorption isotherms measured on similar substrate which have two distinct substeps present in the isotherms, the adsorption data for CO2 has a single very broad step present between the lowest coverage and saturation. Results for the loading dependence of the isosteric heat indicate that this quantity depends non-monotonically on the amount of CO2 adsorbed. The effective specific surface area of the open single walled carbon nanohorns sample obtained in this study are compared with the ones obtained with other carbon nanohorn samples; the results clearly indicate that nanohorns are open.




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