Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Wiltowski, Tomasz


Four distinct Fisher-Tropsch catalysts were prepared through the incipient wetness technique. These catalysts were Fe-Zn-Ru/alumina, Fe-Zn-Ru/K/alumina, Fe-Zn-Ru/silica, and Fe-Zn-Ru/K/silica. The physical characterization of the catalysts was conducted using SEM, EDS, BET, XRD, and particle size analysis. TPR analysis showed the reduction behavior for each catalyst under hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and syngas, with a H2:CO ratio of 2:1. This information was applied in the TGA tests, where the Fe conversion at each reduction step was evaluated. Fisher-Tropsch experiments were conducted in a fixed bed reactor. These reactions showed that the γ-alumina supported catalysts produced more hydrocarbons at lower temperatures, while the silica supported catalysts produced more hydrocarbons at higher temperatures. The ideal Fischer-Tropsch conditions observed for each catalyst in this research was 350 psi and 350 °C.




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