Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science in Education



First Advisor

Glover, Regina


JEFFREY LAMOND JONES, for the Master's degree of Science in Recreation, presented on April 6, 2009, at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. TITLE: Attitudes of Division I Athletes Concerning Their Collegiate Environment Major Professor: Dr. Regina Glover The purpose of this study is to investigate the attitudes of Division I student athletes concerning their university, coaches and athletic administrators, environment, and individual actions. The study consisted of student athletes from a Division I University during the Fall 2008 semester, a total of 117 questionnaires were distributed and 86 were returned. Sampling theses student athletes provided a diverse sample which included student athletes from different sports, ethnic background, gender, class rank, financial scholarship status, credit hours and weather study hall was mandatory. Surveys were placed with the Athletic department study table monitor who distributed the surveys from December 1 through December 12 to individual student athletes as they arrive to check-in from 8:00 am - 9:30 pm for study hall hours. A total of 117 questionnaires were distributed and 86 were returned. Of the 86 student athletes, 48(54.7%) were males and 38(45.3%) were females. This study included 34 (19.8%) freshmen, 17 (39.5%) sophomores, 15 (17.4%) juniors, and 20 (23.3%) seniors. The survey format and the 28 questions were based upon a panel of experts who were interviewed and participated in a pilot study to determine the number of items on the survey. A five point Likert-type scale was used to measure the perceived level of agreement in each of the areas. Descriptive statistics of frequency and percent were used for demographics to describe the sample overall mean which was computed for the 28 statements as well as individual mean. The results showed that only a small amount student athletes had a difference in attitudes in regards to the survey questions. The lowest mean score for any question on the questionnaire was 1.54. The highest mean score for any questions on the questionnaire was 4.25. Out of the 7 variables in which the study was based upon, student athletes indicated a difference in attitudes based upon weather study table hours were mandatory. There were no significant difference found between attitudes and year in school, sport, ethnicity, gender, financial scholarship, or credit hours. The study revealed that student athletes were more likely to have a difference in their attitudes based upon their study hall status, meaning student athletes with mandatory study hall will more likely have a different attitude than student athletes who are not required to attend study hall.




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