Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Arts



First Advisor

DiLalla, David


In the present study, the author tested the validity of certain variables and paths from a model of eating disorder (ED) symptomatology (T. L. Tylka & L. M. Subich, 2004) along with several alternative models (i.e., including poor interoceptive awareness, ethnic identity, and body mass) within a sample of U.S. University women of South Asian origin. The original sample included 440 women, but responses differed based on graduate and international status. Therefore, path analytic procedures focused on 255 undergraduate, non-international women. Results indicated excellent fit for 5 models and adequate fit for the 6th model. Exploratory analyses did not support self-esteem as a moderator but did support the role of internalization of beauty standards in the ED symptomatology of South Asian American women (c.f., Reddy & Crowther, 2007). The results are discussed in light of their contributions, implications, and limitations.




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