Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Mathias, James


This study examined the Lake of Egypt Power Plant operated by Southern Illinois Power Cooperative located on the Lake of Egypt south of Marion, IL. The facility has a 173 MW rated turbine operating on a pulverized coal cyclone boiler and three 33 MW rated turbines operating on an oversized circulating fluidized bed boiler with 120 MW capacity. The first area examined was reduction of auxiliary power consumption possible with the addition of variable frequency drives to the forced draft fan and booster fan motors. Included in this examination was an analysis of the economic and environmental impact of such a reduction. From the analysis an annual savings of 24.4 GWh of electricity is possible. The second area examined was the generation capacity lost due to condenser fouling and the possible reduction in facility emissions with altered condenser treatment. From the analysis an additional 3.0 MW of capacity facility wide is possible or a reduction steam production of 1.5% for each boiler.




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