Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Arts



First Advisor

Stikkers, Kenneth


In this paper I set out to find a new tradition beyond the dilemmas of modern and post-modern philosophy, and, once found, to explore the basic assumptions and their correlative view of the world. To do this I analyze and compare St. Augustine and Max Scheler as thinkers who avoided many of our modern-day dilemmas. Starting with Scheler’s abstract thought, I then proceed to show how it comes to life in Augustine’s Confessions. Both thinkers are woven together into an organic whole that seeks to present as many interconnections of internal justification for this worldview as possible. The end result that is hoped for is twofold: 1. to show the extreme connection binding these thinkers together and 2. to present a viable alternative to the action forms that us modern subjects live in.




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