Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

First Advisor

Benedict, Pinckney

Second Advisor

Frumkin, Rafael

Third Advisor

Berry, Karla


This collection acts as the supporting evidence of the hypothesis that, while acting as Graduate Director of SIU’s Digital Xpressions Lab, Matthew Gordon was able to successfully provide effective support for the digital expression of collaborator’s and client's domains of knowledge while forming innovative research partnerships with academics within the SIU system and beyond. A unique form for a MFA in Creative Writing’s thesis, this collection represents the multimodal creative work a contemporary narrative designer can undertake in a single academic year when given the ability to lead a facility like Southern Illinois University’s Digital Xpressions Lab. Qualitative evidence in the form of Digital Xpressions Lab Collaborator Statements and quantitative evidence in the form of media exemplifying multimodal creative work are collected herein. Sections begin with brief descriptions of their topics as they pertain to Matthew Gordon’s thesis objectives while acting as the Graduate Director of SIU’s Digital Xpressions Lab from fall 2022 - spring 2023. A selection of supporting media from Matthew’s full portfolio has been included in sections where relevant.

Interdisciplinary Virtual Reality - Meaningful Play.pdf (3012 kB)
Interdisciplinary Virtual Reality - Meaningful Play

Sound and Spirit 10_26_2022 Gameplay.MOV (5159 kB)
Sound and Spirit 10_26_2022 Gameplay.MOV

SepsisDemoVideo 1_25_2023.mp4 (9159 kB)
SepsisDemoVideo 1_25_2023.mp4

SepsisDemoVideo 2_9_2023.mp4 (5714 kB)
SepsisDemoVideo 2_9_2023.mp4

SepsisDemoVideo 2_23_2023.mp4 (13750 kB)
SepsisDemoVideo 2_23_2023.mp4

SepsisDemoVideo 3_31_2023.mp4 (16443 kB)
SepsisDemoVideo 3_31_2023.mp4

Mayan_Escape_VR_Demo_1.mp4 (97972 kB)




This thesis is Open Access and may be downloaded by anyone.