Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

First Advisor

Jordan, Judy


While the main goal of Three Walled World is to tell the story of my experience as a child actor, its themes run deeper. This is the story that asks the question: Can we grieve the living? Can we grieve a version of ourselves? The play structure of this piece was designed to immerse a reader in theatre. This collection is about theatre, so it was a natural choice to structure it like a play. Direct choices were made to make sure that this collection was one cohesive piece. It has a clear narrative structure and releases information slowly in order to make revelations that much more revealing. The work uses poetic devices as well as integrated flash non-fiction to tell its story. There are complex characters that may get tangled at some moments, to show the internal entanglement of the speaker and the character she plays.

Available for download on Friday, July 16, 2032




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