Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Behavior Analysis and Therapy

First Advisor

Dixon, Mark


This study evaluates the efficacy of using Equivalence Based Instruction (EBI) to teach historical figures to teenagers with autism in a group setting. Stimuli consisted of three eight-member classes of (A) vocal names of inventors, (B) pictures of inventors, and (C) textual names of their inventions. Participants were assigned their own directly trained class members (Participant 1- A₁₂₃₄, B₁₂₃₄ ,C₁₂₃₄) and (Participant 2 - A₅₆₇₈, B₅₆₇₈, C₅₆₇₈). Participants trained on relation A→B, then after mastery, trained on relation B→C. Probes were conducted followed both A→B and B→C training to assess mastery. Participants each received instructions for three trials then alternated as observer for three trials. Results found both participants demonstrated class formation on their trained stimuli, and one participant demonstrated class formation for his train and observed stimuli. This suggest observational learning with EBI was effective for teaching new academic skills to teenagers with autism.




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