Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Hsiao, J


When a structural element is acted upon by axial compressive force simultaneously with bending, the design must consider the effect of combined bending and compression. Hence, the structure should be designed with the consideration of bending moment in order to provide the enough design strength to the member. The main objective of this thesis is to compare the effect of interaction of flexural moment and axial compressive force on the regular column of the steel moment frame with the same column when cantilever section is introduced into the frame as the loading is kept constant in all three cases. In this work, STAAD is used to determine the required variables such as axial forces, bending moments and deformations in all the cases, and those values are used in approximate second order analysis for the further analysis of special steel moment frame. The calculated values are then plugged into the design interaction equation for combined flexure and compression as given by AISC Steel Construction Manual (2011) to check the criticality of the moment frame. The result of the analysis indicates that the regular frame model has higher demand of capacity ratio in design of columns than the one with cantilever projection.




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