Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Hsiao, Jen-kan


In 1994 there was an earthquake occurred in Northridge, California which caused damage in structures built with Steel Moment Frames (SMF) due to the brittle fractures in the beam and column connections. It has led to the major modifications and improvements in the connection detailing prior to the earthquake occurred in the Northbridge. These changes came up with better materials for welding and introduced the use of cover plate and Reduced Beam Section (RBS). RBS connections are the most widely used connection today and it allows the SMF systems to yield extensively and deform plastically by avoiding brittle fracturing at connections. The most important factors that affect the response along with the design of Steel Moment Frames (SMF) and Reduced Beam Section (RBS) connections are connection strength, stiffness, connection type, use of deep columns and phenomena associated with its instability, the strength of ductility of the column panel zone-beam instability.




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