Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Hatziadoniu, Constantine


Traditional forecasting approaches forecast the total system load directly without considering the individual consumer's load. With the introduction of the smart grid, lots of renewable energy resources such as wind and solar are added to the system from consumer side fluctuates the system load and makes forecasting more complex. Thus, it is necessary to forecast individual consumers load. Here, a framework is presented in which individual customer loads is forecasted rather than the system load. At first, a hierarchical cluster analysis is performed to classify daily load patterns into different groups for all the individuals. Then an association analysis is performed to determine critical influential factors that affect the load curve for given day. The next step is the application of a decision tree to establish classification rules between the different groups of the load curve and the critical influential factors. Then, appropriate forecasting models are chosen for different load patterns and the individual load is forecasted. Finally, the forecasted total system load is obtained through an aggregation of an individual load forecasting results. The relative error of forecasting the system load using this framework is compared with the relative errors using SVM regression and this framework had better accuracy. This framework is also used for forecasting the power output of the renewable generation. Also, the results of the day ahead forecast of system load and renewable generation is used for economic power scheduling for the microgrid and peak shaving for the utilities.




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