Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Arts


Administration of Justice

First Advisor

Miller, Kristine


The main goal of post-secondary prison education programs is to increase the education level of prisoners and improve their chances of success upon release. However, in order to accomplish this goal of success after release, prisoners must first participate in the education programs. This is especially crucial for female prisoners, many of whom enter prison more socially, economically, and educationally disadvantaged than male prisoners. This analysis aims to determine whether there is a difference is male and female participation in post-secondary prison education programs. In addition, this analysis also aims to determine what factors make male and female inmates more likely to participate in post-secondary prison education programs. The results demonstrate that sex alone is not a significant predictor for participation in post-secondary prison education. However, when combined with other factors sex does become a significant predictor of participation. Factors that are significant predictors of participation for both males and females include previous education, income prior to incarceration, receiving visits from children, time served on the current sentence, participation in a racial or ethnic group, participation in parenting classes, and participation in life skills or community adjustment programs.




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