Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Animal Science

First Advisor

Apgar, Gary


The interest in study of resistant starch in the pig nutrition is increasing. This experiment was done to evaluate resistant starch content in maize/corn by using an in vitro method. A total of 27 varieties of corn were used in this trial to determine the evaluation of in vitro resistant starch (RS); in vitro non-resistant starch (NRS); in vitro total starch (TS); dry matter (DM); ash and organic matter (OM). All treatments of corn samples were carried out in triplicates. In vitro determination of RS, NRS and TS were determined directly before the spectrophotometer reading with a wavelength of 510 nm. In vitro RS, NRS and TS ranged from 0.56 – 1.98%, 22.11 – 52.33% and 22.69 – 54.27% respectively; DM, Ash and OM ranged from 85.71 – 95.34%, 1.1 – 1.85% and 98.15 – 98.9% respectively. In RS, 424L and 5660 (P/≤/0.05); in NRS, 652N and MC 4050 (P/≤/0.01; in TS, 652N, MC 4050 and 424L (P/≤/0.01, 0.01 and 0.05 respectively); and in DM, 590 (P/≤/0.05). Results indicated that varieties of corn used may be low in amylose content because the RS values were negligible (≤ 1%) giving MC 5800 and 652N as the lowest RS values suitable for growing pigs. Further work is needed to validate these results. Keywords: In vitro; Resistant starch; Corn samples; Non-resistant starch; Total starch; Spectrophotometer




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